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Brand Identity Logo

That one thing which gets your brand an instant recognition is termed as the brand identity.

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Signature Logo

The logo of the company ‘Virgin’ is a perfect example of a signature logo. We all know what a signature means.

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Water color Logo

This logo type involves using water colour like look. The water colour logos serve an important purpose of bringing an attention

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Vector Logo

This logo is a scientifically developed logo which has the perfect dimensions so that it can be used very comfortably on

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Unique 3D logo

You must have seen three dimensional logos on television and multimedia presentations and displays.

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Connected Text Logo

The ‘CNN’ logo perfectly represents the ‘Connected text logo’ type.

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Modern Minimalistic Logo

One of the best examples of a Modern Minimalistic logo type is the logo of the American company ‘Apple Inc’.

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Monogram Initial Text Logo

Monogram initial text logos
The logo of the Swedish clothing-retail company Hennes & Mauritz AB;

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